We Discover

We discover new garments through a combination of research, fabric and component sourcing and inspiration from fashion and the wider apparel markets.

We Design

We design great workwear based on your criteria, functionality and goals; combined with our knowledge experience and passion.

We Deliver

We deliver bespoke workwear to your door. We have a selection of experienced off-shore manufacturing facilities at our disposal, ensuring we meet your quality, delivery and cost expectations.

About XAP.

Xtreme Apparel Projects Ltd was created in 2017 by Martin Paxton, who after spending 25 years of very successfully supplying PPE and Workwear into the UK market, was excited and ready to start this fresh new venture.


XAP strive to make great apparel for the workplace and our goal is to deliver quality workwear that will improve the working day of the wearer.

Passionate About Workwear.

We design garments born from love and passion, combined with manufacturing experience and a focus on continuous research, development and experimentation. XAP produce workwear of style, of function and when required, incorporating technical innovation.


We possess the ability to develop and certify Personal Protective Equipment to the relevant European Norms.


We have access to a variety of tried and tested off-shore production facilities that are handpicked according to the individual project, ensuring our customers enjoy the very best quality, delivery times and value.

Contact Us.

XAP Clothing is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create an effective solution for your industrial protective clothing needs.


Fill out the contact form to reach our to one of our sales team directly for immediate assistance with all sales-related enquiries, or call us on 01271 321888